Thursday, January 6, 2011

2 Cents

Here it is ~
This is the post that struck a nerve,
for my ex-husbands current wife.
originally posted on Feb.26, 2010
A Few Good Men
Fashion Hound?
Not me.
But I must admit...
lately I've been addicted to the show "Project Runway".
I just recently started watching. The commercials are what got me.
The flamboyant and hilarious designer from Georgia, "Anthony" in particular. I have been amazed at some of the designs. The fact that those designers sketch their designs, shop for fabrics in under 30 minutes, and finish their designs in under 24 hours just blows my mind!
24 hours! are ya kiddin' me?
So I decided to challenge myself this week.
Instead of my usual home decor, I decided to make Little Bity something special to wear to the
Father - Daughter dance, which was last night.

Design to completion in 24 hours!

Instead of the "Father - Daughter Dance", let's just call it the
"Someone she can look up to - Daughter Dance" or maybe the
"Someone she can actually Respect - Daughter Dance"... or how about
"Someone who actually has HONOR - Daughter Dance".

Alyssa was so proud, as through-out the dance, one person after
another would come up to her date, just to say "Thank you, for what you do for our country."

There's far too many fatherless little girls. Too many little girls that have to ask their grand-fathers, or step-fathers, or uncles to stand in at times like this.
Here in the land of dead beat dads, I just cant say enough about this wonderful young man who was kind enough to take my little princess to a dance, and make her feel so special.
... I have to say...
Thank you Andy, for honoring a little girl,
thank you for protecting our freedom,
thank you for having "the right stuff".
there it is ~
She knows about the son we have together. She knows that her husband has never made a single effort to know his son. I have never interfered in their lives. Yet here she is, suggesting that
HE has honor?
Come on Kristy.


  1. Okay, now I'm cryin' too! We have to be "sisters', especially after our posts today, wow. You know, sometimes I think its better when "fathers" are totally gone, rather than when they step in and out of your kids lives, or all the other things they pull! We both have great kids and we both are very strong and that my friend, will make everything okay!!

    Take care, Sue

  2. I'm tearing up!! So sweet! And I LOVE your design! Beautiful!

    Lou Cinda :)

  3. YOU ARE AMAZING. This is sooooo weird Teresa. I have been picking Japanese stuff up for Little Bity all week long, and some hello kitty from Japan, don't tell you, it's a surprise.
    What a wonderful man to escort Missy to the dance. I LOVE seeing her smile... speaking of smiles, i just got home. I had my last appointment at the dentist today, ouch for sure. I hope it's the end.
    Plans are still on. We should be in GA. around the 16th 17th. We will be staying with CC like I said. Are you in???
    Love You

  4. You did a wonderful job on this outfit..It's so nice to see a man who has the 'right' stuff!

  5. I saw these photos on FB and commented there. Alyssa looks absolutely adorable! I am sending you over to another blog to check out. The post is about a Georgia blogger get together. It sounds fun! How about if Sue and I come too? I wish! Go here:

  6. So Awesome!!! I was ask to contact you (by one of your blogging friends Malisa) and give you an invite to a planning meeting that we are having for Ga. Bloggers in April. Hop over to my blog to find out more! Love to have you!

  7. Good morning Teresa, It was so much fun getting to know you in person. Our blogger party for Claudie was the most fun. I had the best time and I know everyone there did too. Sheila is the most for a host. Lovely and elegant is she...

    This outfit for your daughter is beautiful. A great finished project in 24 hours. You sewed up a storm. I love the colors and the fabric. Most of all your little girl is adorable and so pretty. Her escort is pretty handsome too. What a lovely dance.

    I am attempting to go to St. Augustine to meet the girls for lunch. My dtr. plays tennis all day today. I am waiting to hear from them. I hope your trip home was a good one. I DREAD going home through Atlanta next week. Such is life. It was 49 degrees this am. Where is the warm weather???

    I will post about our party soon. I will let you know when.
    Hugs, xoxo, Jeanne

  8. Hey Gal! Was great to meet you, too! Thanks for poppin into my blog!! What a fun time! You are a sweetie with a great sense of humor!!

    What an amazing job you did on this outfit in such a short period of time!! She looks adorable! I'm sure she had a wonderful time!

    And what an honorable guy to serve our country and to see to the needs of a sweet young lady!

    I've got to come back when I have some more time and peek around! You are one talented gal!!

    Big HUGS,

  9. Hi Teresa, Thanks for stopping by. I went by your blog last night after looking up the link on Claudie's blog and was going through your posts and getting to know you even more. I thought I had sent you a message but my memory is going (as old age approaches) so maybe I didn't. I am still going through your posts. Think I am up to early 09 by now:) It was very nice to meet you too. Your daughter is adorable. She looks so nice in the colors you chose for her special outfit. You are right about some men not deserving the title of fathers. Thank God for those like your daughter's handsome escort who step up to the plate and do a better job than many real fathers ever do. Every child deserves a real father. I loved reading about your son too and what a great young man he is. I love Project Runaway too. I have watched it from the second year it started and have watched reruns of the first year. Love the creativity. I never miss it if I can help it. I will be back.

  10. What about your son's father?

  11. Dear Anonymous... don't you know? He's a deadbeat, too. Of course you know... since you're married to him now. You little twit. FYI - I have tracking on my blog, so I know every time you visit. From East Haven, CT. I know how many pages you visit, and exactly how long you stick around. 2 visits on Christmas day? Guess you don't have anything better to do. If you really want to know something - contact me directly. 'kay? Otherwise piss off. and get off my blog.

  12. Any man that won't take care of his child should go straight to hell! I know what a strong and independent woman you are, Teresa. But if he is a real man, he would insist on helping, regardless of the situation! You and your babies are so much better off without that kind of scum in your life!!


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