Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time to Smell the Roses

All work and no play ...
That doesn't work for me...
I have to take a little time to look around,
and see the everyday beauty that surrounds me.
Life's a little sweeter when you take the time
to stop and smell the Roses.
Shall we?

Thanks to MsGreen "thumb" Jean for hosting
I'm lovin' this physostegia with persian shield.

I planted this pink double knock out rose in a spot
where nothing else has survived. Hard. packed. clay.
Watered it for a few weeks, and left it to fend for itself.
And it is absolutely thriving.
Who said roses are hard to grow??

I adore this black elephant ear.
The greens and burgundy peeking through...
well that's just sexy.

Hypericum, or St. Johns Wort.

Autumn Joy.

Love it.

This deciduous shrub is fabulous.
I bought it at a local nursery, and no one could tell me the name. Can any of you identify this one? I'd love to know the proper name.
Lambs ears and ajuga.

Fabulous colors on this coleus.


Stop by Ms Jean's to continue this little tour...
And Have a Beautiful Day,
where ever you are!!!


  1. Beautiful. I just saw your un ID plant the other day on someone else's blog.......think, Darla think!

  2. Wow -- beautiful photos -- those are lovely!


  3. You know I love all the burgundy touches in your garden! The bloom on the shrub is so pretty! I'm glad you took the time to smell (and photograph) the roses! Jean

  4. Your Autum Joy is breathtaking.

  5. Beautiful blooms and fabulous greenery!

  6. Ah, you like lambs ear and ajuga and elephant ears! All some of my favorites. The richness of the ajuga. The softness of the lambs ear. The "sexiness" (you're right; it's sexy!) of the elephant ear. Yes, when you stop to gaze at the flowers or herbs or little spider web, your heart is lifted and you smile without knowing why.

  7. Great photos I love the purples. The shrub is so pretty. Sorry I can't help with what it is.


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