Monday, August 24, 2009

The Lettered Cottage

I have long been a follower of Layla Palmer's Lettered Cottage.
Layla is an interior design consultant, working from her dreamy little cottage.
Through her blog, you can follow the transformation of The Lettered Cottage, and see all of the other amazing spaces she has created. has ranked The Lettered Cottage the #1 Lifestyle Blog. After a visit, you'll easily see why. Her design style is so inspiring, and just so beautiful.
A while back, Layla posted about the fabulous headboard bench that Mr. LC had built for her. In that post, she mentioned that she wanted to have some cushions made for the bench.
You can bet I was all over that!
So I contacted Layla, and offered my services.
And let me just tell you...
I was absolutely thrilled when Layla asked me to work on this project with her!!!
So, without further adieu...
(drumroll please)
The Lettered Cottage Headboard Bench Cushions!!

First, she needed a custom fitted cushion for the bench.
I can do that.
Layla wanted a slipcover for the cushion... I can do that, too.
Layla chose a cream color duck fabric. Duck fabric is similar to canvas, but it is a better quality of fabric. I prewashed the fabric before cutting it out, which gives it a soft, worn touch. A simple slipcover, with a 1" pinch pleated skirt.
I just love Layla's style.

Layla got the center burlap pillow with red stripe from .
To tie the cool blue pillows in, Layla wanted to add a braided jute trim. She had some jute braid, but it was only 1/4 inch wide. So I braided that again with 4 strands, and now we have a braid that's much more substantial.

Turned out pretty sweet...
if I do say so myself!

You can view more of Layla's projects on HGTV's Rate My Space.
Layla also offers online design consultations through her blog/website.
Did I tell you? ....
I am so thrilled to be The Lettered Cottage Seamstress.
More projects in the works...
Stay tuned!


  1. This is very exciting....looking good too!

  2. I absolutely love what you did with the little pleated cover! So cute...I think I need one for my bench now! :) The pillows are fab too, you are amazing!!

  3. Teresa Amazing Job!

    I have always been a fan of pinch pleats and your bench cover remindes me why I like them so much. Great job you savvy seamstress!

  4. Teresa,
    can I just say you have some mad sewing skills! I am so loving that jute braided pillow and the cushion with the pleat. I sew, but not that great. I may just be emailing you if you do other sewing work.
    Great Job2!

  5. Those pinch pleats make my heart go pitter pat! Absolutely gorgeous and so chic! You have got quite the gift, my dear.


  6. Girl, you are so TALENTED!!! But I already knew that!! Layla is wonderful, but you are pretty awesome yourself!!!

    This is all stunningly gorgeous!

    Great job!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  7. You're a very talented seamstress! I use to make quilts and all sorts of pillows. I love what you've done here. Just found you from another link. But I'll be back!

  8. hi, I love what you've done here. I wondered where you/Layla found the blue pillows with the buttons on them? thank you for any help! It's so beautiful- I wish I could have that duplicated.


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