Saturday, May 2, 2009

I love this Chick

Looky looky what I got in the mail...

A while back I participated in Malisa's treasure hunt over at Moonlight Hollow.
Get this...

I didn't win.

But she sent me a prize anyway.

Malisa knows how I love to sew, so she sent me these adorable vintage dress patterns for little girls, vintage pom pom trim, and a lovely vintage dress that was handmade and trimmed with the sweetest hand embroidered flowers, and an entire line of greeting cards that she will soon feature on her site.

Malisa is the funniest chick I know.
I guarantee she'll make that coffee come out of your nose.

If you haven't met Malisa yet, head on over to Moonlight Hollow,
or you might catch her and Imogene at the Renaisance Chick.

Malisa will make you laugh till you cry,
and she's got a heart the size of Texas.
Now she's donated lots of goodies to Junk Sistas
to be raffled off for Baby Bella.

Read all about it here, buy a ticket,
lets do all we can to help this little angel.


  1. Yep, how can you NOT love this one of a kind chick!! I burned her a few CD's then one day I go to my mailbox and I have a package decorated all cool and fancy. Inside was the pink peace sign purse I admired of hers when I saw it in the photo. And I too got some of those cool Moonlight Hollow cards! Malaysia, you got a big ass heart girl!!

  2. Girls, Girls, you are making me blush! Teresa, it was SO nice of you to do this blog!!! I truly appreciate it! Am I mistaken or did Sue just call me Big Ass?



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