Monday, March 16, 2009

Junkin' ...

... Georgia Style !!
This past weekend was the annual
Peaches to Beaches Yardsale.
So I thought I'd share these treasures with you,
my junkin' sista's.

No, I didn't buy the pink stove, just thought I'd share,
for you pinkies... it could have been yours for $199.

This is what I was after...
vintage pressed glass.
This one was too pretty to pass up for $4.00.

I've been collecting this pattern of
Federal Crystal Sandwich Glass for years, and I have 4 large 10 & 1/2" bowls like this one, but I had never seen this smaller size of 8 & 1/2",
so.. had to have it, and it was only $5.00.

I love to find pieces like this with tiny glass handles.


A girl can never have too many vases.

This little cutie, measuring in at 5 inches

was $4.00.

All of our grandmothers had one of these, right?
And since my electric juicer has broken,
this was even more appealing.
And I think it's a beautiful piece.

4 simple custard cups...
made by Fire King, with tiny fluted edges.
$1 each.

This is the stuff I drool over.

Ruby Red Glass.

I had to add these to my collection.

3 Ruby Red bread plates, priced at $4 each,
I got them for $1 each.

4 Ruby Red dinner plates, priced at $6 each...

MINE!!! for $3.00 each !


These 2 square, diamond pattern (on the reverse), milk glass dishes had a sticker on them for $5.00. As I stood there looking at them, the lady at the booth began with the barganing... "I'll make a deal with you"...

I looked at her, looked back at the milk glass, didn't say a word. She says "Three dollars".

"Each?" I say.

She looks back at me..

"For the set."

"Woo Hoooo!"
How's that for one word bargaining?

From another booth, the milkglass seashell soapdish,

Next, I found this "Tiara" pattern amber glass set by the Indiana Glass Company.

This pattern is Gorgeous.

This 5 piece set was $12.00.

And that was the sticker price !
I couldn't believe it.
I think that was the best bargain of the day for me.

There was something about this tiny vintage egg poacher,
that I just could not pass up.

Yes, I have many addictions.
I love wooden boxes. This one is a bit rough, but only the finish is damaged. It is lined in red velvet, with a tray and mirror inside. This one is getting painted.
Wooden Jewelry Box - $1.00.
Folding hand fan with hand painted cherry tree branches,

4 vintage embroidered strawberry placemats, with 4 napkins,

Not antique,
but still cute,
coffee grinder...

Junkin' is a family affair.

Sweet Pea found a vintage porcelain baby doll,

Make that 2 baby dolls,
$5.00 each.

Tired, but happy princess...
At the end of the second day of yardsales, we were in McRae.
So my Dad took us to a great little restaurant on the outskirts of town. It was down a county road, then down a long dirt drive, there wasn't even a sign by the highway... you just had to know about this place already, or you would never find it.
It was rustic cedar, cabin style, with a wide porch that wraps all the way around the building.
Rocking chairs, porch swings, even an old fashioned wood burning stove on the porch. And when you reach the back porch, it looks down onto a huge lake, stocked with fish and ducks.
The food was awesome. The doors opened at 5:00pm and when we arrived at 5:20, there was already a waiting list. That's how good the food is at this place.

While we were waiting to be seated, this sign was directly to my left.

After dinner, a lot of the dinner guests made their way to the back porch to enjoy the view.
This green duck flew right up onto the porch railing and sat right there for about half an hour, while people came and went, the kids petted the duck, and he would eat right out of your hand.

Alyssa fed the ducks and the fish for at least another 30 minutes,

and then we called it a day.

This sign was on the back porch.

It reads:

Good Rules for Yall.

1. No spittin'

2. No cussin'

3. No peein' off the porch

4. No makin' messes or bein' ugly

5. No burpin' or belchin'

6. Be nice to Mama


  1. This junkin' trip looks super cool! Remind me next year...a couple of months ahead of time...about this big ol' sale. It would be fun to come!


  2. Hey girlfriend
    Yes it's me... I had to come and say hi to you and your sweet little pumpkin. She looks adorable in these pics.
    Your chairs look fab and congrats on winning the Hunt.
    Love all your goodies. I wish I could have walked those streets with you.
    The snow is melting and I can finally see a little green stuff.
    Have a great week.
    It's my birthday Thursday come and see me.
    Love Claudie

  3. Oh, sorry, I missed your 100th post. Congratulations!!!
    You are so lucky to find these grat things there. I mostly love the amber plates!!!
    Ouuuu, I want to fill my moneybox fast and come to you to the next years yardsale...
    Love the pictures of the sweet pea!
    The rules signs are great but the first in the restaurant is not easy to understand for me ;o) now I find out.
    Thank you for sharing your impressions of the days!!!

  4. I have two of those little knobby vases that I got in a box of "stuff" at an auction a few years back. They hold the beautiful wildflowers that hubby brings me when he finds them on our property. And LOVE the ruby glass. I've been saying for years that I needed to start collecting it, but I have 5 sets of dishes already and no where to put them, so I'll wait til we get the walk in pantry built. Great finds, all of 'em. Congrats!

  5. you've got some great finds there! I wish I could've come with you too!

    love ya,

  6. Man you got the mother lode of all glassware bargains!


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