Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Make Over Party

Jen is having a makeover party!
@ Sanctuary Arts at Home
and since I'm not up to date on the linky thing... link here
to see more before and after photos.

My Before...

and After.


who wants to teach me how to do the linky thingy.. you know...

so I can just type "here" and it links to the right place???

I don't want to study, will someone just give me the short version?



  1. all you had to do was ask!
    when you make your post, highlight the word you want to be the link and then clik on the link button (next to text color button) and then just add the URL. let me know if you still have trouble :)
    love ya,

  2. That looks awesome! What a transformation. You did a terrific job. :)

  3. Hey you have yellow
    Your chair looks fab....what don't you do Miss Teresa?
    As for Mr. Linky...check Susan's page out, not her main page. She's @ The Southern Daydreamer...she's really good with tutorials. I'm not..sorry girlfried.
    Now onto your FF
    Love Claudie


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