Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not Pretty When Naked

Blooms, Birds, and Butterflies

Wisteria is so pretty in bloom. And the woods next to my house is absolutely consumed with it. If it's blooms alone weren't enough, the fragrance is heavenly. I've had clients ask me what kind of potpouri or candles I'm using, when I had only opened the windows in my home to enjoy the perfume of this gorgeous vine.

Wisteria sure is pretty, isn't it?
Well it sure is NOT
when it's NAKED!

At least my feathered friends are a nice distraction until March and April.
And I still have sun-shiny blooms to brighten my day!

keeping it sunny...

My dear sweet friend Missy @
has bestowed upon me a lovely new award ...

Yeah, I'm cool like that.


  1. I'm anxious for spring as well. The Wisteria is gorgeous!

  2. Hey, Ms. Award Winner! Look at you...two awards in one week! Congratulations! And, yes, the Wisteria is beautiful!


  3. Congrats to your new awards! And thank you for giving me an award too!

    I love wisteria. We plant one before two years but it never flowers before. Now I hope for this year. It is really large grown.
    Your upholstery projects are great. You are a artist!

  4. LOL your Wisteria looks like mine does! It is so pretty when its blooming but during the winter, it sure can be ugly!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog.
    And congratulations on your new awards!
    Love, Ann


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