Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a Beautiful Day !

After a restless night,
and waking with a sinus headache,
I wasn't sure how this day would go.
But what a beautiful day this has turned out to be.

This is going to be a very long post...
It will require 3 parts...

It began with going back to my hometown,
and visiting loved ones...
more on that later.
I'll begin with Part 2.
After picking up the kids from school,
I arrived home to find this waiting for me ...

This is my package from my wonderful new friend,
Stefanie, from Germany.
We just participated in the Vintage Pink Christmas Swap,
hosted by the sweetest hostess with the mostest, Jen.

I am so excited!!
When I opened the package,
these were on top...






Six of these adorable stars !
Now you see,these were the guidelines,

"One Handmade item and at least one true vintage item. You can make or purchase your items. Just make sure they are Christmas, vintage, pink or a combination of all three. Items can be repros or vintage inspired, other than the one actual vintage item."

Just look at all of the things she sent...

This beautiful ATC that I had seen on her blog,
I told her how much I loved it,and she sent it to me!
it is on my christmas tree now.

I told her that I would love to have something that
is German in tradition, or special to her area.
Stefanie collects wooden Ore Mountain items,
and she included this adorable Santa, and the Angel is vintage!
I will always treasure these.

This pink ornament that is handmade, with
beads, and gold trim. It is so cute and this photo doesn't
do it justice. My computer isn't working properly
and I had to scan everything.

How sweet are these!

and these...

which came packaged in this cute box.

I can hardly wait to use these...

and these.

not just from Germany...
from my friend, in Germany!

How lucky am I ?

another pink ornament !

How did she know that I had been looking for sheet music ?

These yummy chocolates lasted a few seconds.

Dont you just love this little tag Stefanie made ?

this was on the back.

I absolutely LOVE AND ADORE these 2 little vintage pink glass
pinecone ornaments.

And inside this trinket box that Stefaine made for me,
was more vintage sweetness!

Little pink mushrooms that she found at a flea market!
I can hardly wait to use these as well.

I wish all of you could smell these!

And there was even more !
My amazing new friend even included gifts for my children.
The thing I treasure most is the friendship,
that I have made with someone on the other side of the world.
Thank you, Jen.


  1. WOW! what wonerful things she sent to you! I am SO jeleous! I collect everything I can from Germany... My Opa grew up in Hamburg so I'm 1/4 German. I was able to visit Germany 3 summers ago and I brought back as much stuff as I could fit into my suitcase.Missy

  2. Teresa, I just scrolled down to look at your lovely Christmas swap. That has to be the world's best swap and all the way from Germany. Wow! I love everything . Lucky you.



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