Saturday, November 1, 2008

One Success, One Failure

Well ladies, I do believe this oooooold computer is about to kick the bucket. I have been trying for 2 full days to figure out why I cant upload my photos. Jezabel is not co-operating at all.

But thanks to my friend Nikki, I do have ONE photo to share.

I made this for Princess Presley. Future Cheerleader. Showing her pride and support for the hometown team. Go Royals!
I have so many photos that I am just dying to share... I just mailed away a Christmas gift for my first EVER ornament swap. I am so excited about the swap and I cant even show you the pics.
Boo - Hoo.
I guess the trick is on me this Halloween.
I hope my swap partner gets her gift soon and will post the photo's. Until then I will continue to work on this .

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