Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Got Glitter?

So me and my little helper fairy have been crafting, and this is one of the ornaments we came up with. Can you guess my favorite color?

And I am celebrating my first Etsy sale! Yay Me!


Let me just tell you how much work I have to do...

and this is how far behind I am.

1. reupholster oversized love seat

2. toss pillows to go with that

3. Seven roman shades to go with that

in another home:

4. Three roman shades and valance

in another home:

5. pair of pinch pleat panels

6. three board mount valances

7. triple window valance

8. two co-ordinating valances to go with that

that's 19 window treatments

for another client:

9. tiered bed skirt

another client:

10. completely take apart and resize a formal beaded layered gown

11. another formal gown altered


I owe, I owe,

it's off to work I go.

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