Monday, October 13, 2008

Mosaic Keepsake Box

The Shell Girl
This past June, my little princess was the "shell girl"... (instead of the flower girl) ... at my brother's wedding. She was so excited to be included in the wedding. She even had her own tiarra, just like Aunt Amy.

I made her this little sundress from peach color silk dupioni, and hand beaded the top in the same design as the bride's dress. Complete with matching beaded necklace.
Alyssa saved some of the seashells from the wedding, to make a keepsake mosaic box for Aunt Amy. Of course, she had to do everything ..."herself".
First we traced a diamond on the top. Then applied tile adhesive inside the area. She added a marble to the center and surrounded it with seashells for a "flower" design.

She then surrounded the seashell flower with tiny pieces of stained glass and flat marbles.

She covered the sides of the hinged lid with stained glass pieces.

This is FUN !!

Alyssa covered the lower portion of the box with more seashells, pink stained glass, and marbles.

Once the box was covered, on to the grouting.

... which is definitely ... messy.

We let this dry for a little while and then sponged off the excess. The next day she sealed the grout with pearl white paint.


TA DA !!!


When ever Aunt Amy looks at this, she will see the seashells, and remember her wedding day. She will remember my little Alyssa, the shell girl. She will treasure this because, a sweet little girl took the time to make a gift by hand, that truly comes from the heart.

My baby is so smart and so crafty.!!


  1. mommy i had the best time love alyssa

  2. That box came out wonderful! And Alyssa did a fantastic job! What a great idea to put the sea shells from the wedding on top to makes it even more special! I love all the jewels you used and the stained glass pieces add so much charm! Thanks for giving me this link!


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