Thursday, September 4, 2008

"Thank Heaven for Little Boys"

Chandler's Room
2 weeks ago

Chandler's Room

In Chandler's bedroom, his Mom ( Courtney ) wanted an arched cornice using the same blue plaid fabric that she had used on the twin bedskirts and pillows. I trimmed the lower hem with a very "fluffy" yarn-type fringe that she had pre-purchased.

I also made a roman shade underneath the arched cornice using a green fabric that Courtney had used for the twin headboards. Just look at that ... she had his initials monogrammed on the headboard fabric. How sweet.

Chandler's bedroom had an adjoining reading nook. For this little room, I made a pleated valance with the same blue plaid with yellow fringe trim. And below is another roman shade. In this picture you can see the lower hem. I added a band of the blue plaid fabric, a strip of red fabric, along with more of the yellow fringe trim.

I can't take credit for this work. Courtney had this done a few years ago. But it was just so cute I had to show it. I love the monogrammed pillow with his name on it. How cute is that?

Then ...

on the opposite but identical twin bed ...

Check it out !!!

Courtney, I'm gonna have to use this idea, myself.

It is just too adorable !

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