Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Baby can SEW ! ! !

Just Look at my Baby

Alyssa wanted to make gifts for her friend, McKinley's Birthday. A pillow with a big "M" on front. We used black fabric with really big polka dots. ( This was remnants from McKinleys scarf valances and pillow shams) . So I traced the letter on tissue paper and pinned to the wrong side of the fabric, over a piece of heavy interfacing. I basted a scrap of yellow fabric to the front of the black fabric. Alyssa then used a straight stitch, and stitched all the way around the initial.

Then I trimmed away the yellow fabric as close as possible to the initial. We set zig zag stitch length and width to satin stitch. Then Alyssa zig zagged all the way around the initial.


My Baby loves a Bernina, too.

Then we layered a purple fabric over the yellow, and repeated the process of outline, trimming away the excess, and zig zag. I'm so proud of my girl! Then she added colorful strips of blue, green, yellow, and orange to the borders and topstitched the flange. Then she stuffed the pillow, "herself", of course.

And she is quite proud of herself, as well she should be.

There was still fabric left, and you know we just can't waste good fabric,
so my Baby made a matching tote bag, and a zippered bag for her friend, as well.
TA - DA ! ! !


  1. What a great job she did, and a new quilter in waiting. I would like to invite you to participate in my fall quilters blog giveaway. Please check out for details.

  2. Thank you for your encouragement and kind comment on my blog. I'm glad that you are doing well and living the dream of a lot of us mothers to work from home. Your work beautiful!

    Your daughter did a great job on her projects!! It looks like you have a great quilting pal there!


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