Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cottage Charms


I made 3 of these window treatments for Jessi's living room.

The fabric was a gorgeous brick red color with cream, ochre, and blue through out. Swags are made with soft, casual pleats. Cascades were made long enough to reach window ledges. Treatments were lined with cream colored lining, and finished with heavy tassle trim.

And 2 toss pillows for the ticking stripe sofa.
And this was my first try at making really BIG tassles for the corners of one of the pillows. Sometimes I do impress myself.

Would you look at this lamp!?!

How cute is this?

Jessi found this darling little silver teapot that had been turned into a lamp,and the lampshade that came with it had the perfect shape, but the fabric had yellowed, it was dingy and torn. So Jessi asked me to cover it with the remaining fabric. It turned out Soooo Cute! Before I returned it to Jessi, I asked her if she'd like for me to bead the shade.. She said no, no beads.

So I took a little chance here... Now she was the client, and the client is always right. But I could see how adorable this lamp would be if it had beads. So I did it anyway, hoping she would love it... I figured she would just have to love it, but if she didnt like it .... I would just take the beads out. So I beaded the flower designs on the fabric all around the lampshade. And I hand strung the bead trim for the lower edge.

Did I mention that I prefer to string all of my own bead trim for the lower edges of the lamps that I do? That way, I dont have to look for matching trim to purchase. I would much rather choose the beads myself, so I can co-ordinate them perfectly. And it gives me a good excuse to order more beads from

And I was right. She loved it.

This gorgeous room was on the back of Jessi's house. I think it had been a back porch at one time. She had enclosed it with windows all around the room. She had a wicker sofa and 2 wicker chairs out there. She had me to recover all of the cushions with this black n cream ticking stripe. Then I made 2 toss pillows with the pink n cream toile.


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