Sunday, August 17, 2008

Christmas Cowgirls

Christmas 1967

Me and my big sister, Lynn.

This is my favorite picture ever. My mom always made us the cutest little matching dresses. She loved to dress us up. I was 2 years old in this pic, Lynn was 3. Arent we cute?

Even though, and I still remember pouting about this...

and pouting... and pouting.

Would you just look at the size of my sister's doll??? It was huge! I could hold my doll in one hand, and you couldn't even see her body! My doll was soooo tiny. Boy was I mad. There was no making me happy that christmas... And I really made sure that my mom knew it.

When I look back now, and smile. I remember, those were the best times.

Lynn's Birthday, 6 months later

Notice the dolls? Even though it was 'Her' birthday, we both got matching dolls and matching doll cribs. She didn't want a repeat of Christmas. No lips poked out on this day!

And once again my mom had dressed us in matching dresses that she had made. I've got the greatest mom ever!

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