Saturday, April 22, 2000

Moore Ingram Johnson and Steel

While I do understand that you have to scour my blog in hopes of finding some dirt on me in order to help your client,  I do appreciate the amount of time you've spent on my slipcover and upholstery pages.  You returned to those pages the more than any other.  Spending 56 minutes and 45 seconds here yesterday.

I am available for hire if you would like some upholstery, slipcover, or window treatments made, but the waiting list is long, as my clients and referrals keep me very busy.  The wait at the moment is about 6 months.  FYI. 

Now, your client, my ex-husband can lie to you and his wife and his family all he wants, I really don't care.  But pretending he didn't know where his son was all these years... well... that's pretty weak.

Our mother's worked together for years after the divorce.  My parents and his parents still live in the same town.  I have a photo of his niece, here in my home 7 or 8 years ago, you see I made her prom dress. 

 His step-sister (let's call her D) came to me about 8 years ago and wanted to know if it would be okay for your clients parents to spend some time with our son, and get to know him.  And I let know that I didn't have a problem with that.  My only stipulation was that no one had better lie to my son.  You see, I know that your client had to lie to his family, so it would be easier for him to abandon his son.  He had to make me the bad guy so his life would be easier. 

Your client's step-mother is a lovely lady.  I would have loved for my son to know her.  (D) was in tears because she couldn't believe I was fine with that.  Remember your client was telling nasty stories about me.  But I have nothing to hide.  

Your client's parents... to hear them tell it... are "good people"..

Well now... these "good people" never called, never asked to see their grandson, not once.  I thought maybe they didn't know how to approach the situation, so I thought I would make it easier for them.  I took the first step and called them. 
They wouldn't answer the phone.
Several days later I met with your client's sister,
and asked her what was the problem.

Well ... those good people -
good christian people -
he was once the mayor -
now he's a preacher -
real good people...

She say's "They're not sure how they feel now."

My, my... those are some classy people.

Oh one more thing... if you look in the phone book,
directly under his father's name,
is my name.

It took you what...
all of 10 seconds to find me on the internet?

Pretending he didn't know where we were....
I don't think that one's gonna hold water.

You want the dirt on me?
Here ya go -

I am the only parent that my son has ever had.
When he was diagnosed with autism,  and couldn't even speak at 4 years old...
I took him to the best facility for diagnosis.
I studied everything I could find on autism.
I took it upon myself to find the only method I could believe in.
I took a course at an institute to teach me how to reach my son.
I took almost a year off working to stay at home with my son and impliment those methods.

Today - my son is in all regular classes.
Today - his teacher uses his history test to score the other students by.


Wanna know how I did that?
With no child support, staying at home for a year without working?

I shook my money maker.
And I was Miss December, too.
So What?

My son is amazing.  Every teacher he has ever had, will tell you that.  Every teacher that he has ever had will tell you what a great mother I am to him.  There is nothing I wouldn't do for my son.

Too bad your client didn't feel the same way.
It's his loss. 

Yes, I will agree to meet with your client, along with my son.
Just like I told him I would 10 years ago.
That time - I never heard from him again.
Lets see if it's different this time.

One more thing....
If you'd like to see the special messages I leave for your clients wife...
It's right below this in the fine print -


    Sick'em girlfriend.
    P.S. My word verification is: executor haha

  2. OMG! You always have the BEST word verification! That is Hilarious!
    I love you too Sweet Claudette!

  3. I LOVE you for standing up tall and proud! The is the best gift EVER you can give your son! Our court systems in our country really SUCK, don't they? Thinking of you.

    Take care, Sue

  4. Thank you Sue! Yes they do suck! But no matter how this situation ends... I'm the winner. My son will always know who loves him, and who was always there.


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